Based on your answers to our initial screening questionnaire, we encourage you to apply for assistance.

Before you begin, please make sure you have the following items ready.

  1. Driver’s License/ Government Issued Photo ID for anyone 18 or older living with you
  2. Verification of your hardship. Examples include: photos of damage; police/fire report; hospital discharge papers; doctor’s excuse; eviction notice
  3. Copy of the bill(s) you need help paying, for example: funeral invoice; past due utility bills; tenant ledger showing charge/payment history and current balance; mortgage statement
  4. Verification of your income (paystubs) and/or other sources of support you received (child support, food stamps, Section 8, SSI/SSDI, student aid, etc.)

When you have these items ready and you’ve registered, log-in and complete our Grant Application and your Monthly Budget.