The Fund is a non-profit charitable organization. The Fund was established to provide emergency financial assistance to members of the communities that Jack’s Family Restaurants (JFR) serve.

Fund grants are made to assist with:

  • Immediate, short- term needs of individuals who may be victims of disasters or other emergency hardship situations including floods, fires, riots, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and similar large-scale events, or
  • Emergency hardship caused by illness, death, accident, violent crime or other types of personal injury.

Grants from the Fund are not intended to replace personal or homeowners insurance, federal disaster relief or other types of aid, but rather to assist on an immediate and short-term basis when other sources of assistance are not available.

The grant will be disbursed by the Fund which is a U.S.  charitable organization. Please consult your tax adviser as you may be required to pay taxes on all amounts received. You are responsible for paying all associated income taxes on the grant. You are also responsible for any penalties assessed for failure to timely pay the required income tax.

If you are unsure whether your situation falls within our funding guidelines and would like to speak to someone before completing/submitting the application, please click “Contact Us” and we will be in touch with you within two business days.

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