I would like to really take out this time to thank Jack’s for our Jack’s Family Fund.  Jack’s Fund help my family in such a tremendous and helpful way being that 6 of my family members lost everything to a house fire just two weeks before Christmas. That fund allowed me to purchase 3 new beds including mattresses for them. Again, we thank you Jack’s Family!!!!


In July 2017, A young family in a community the Jack’s does business suffered the loss of their one year old twin boy.  As one could imagine, the family was devastated by this unforeseen tragedy. While most of us cannot begin to imagine the level of emotional distress from such an event, we can understand the family’s deep sadness in this most difficult time. The last thing the family should endure is the stress of trying to source funds to pay for the funeral costs.

A member of the Jack’s family who knows this family reached out to the Family Fund. We were able to provide the financial support to take this burden off the family’s shoulders. This is what the Jack’s Family Fund is all about.

In December of 2017, a week before Christmas, a fire destroyed the home of a relative of one of our employees.  The Jack’s Family Fund quickly came to their aid.  We provided financial support to the family, assisting them to shop for food, clothing and a few Christmas gifts for the children. In the face of a life-changing event, the Family Fund provided the support for the family to still have Christmas and contributed to the efforts to get this family back to a “normal’ daily existence.

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