Now that you have registered, please log-in to complete your application and budget.

Before you begin, please make sure you have the following items ready.

  1. Driver’s License/ Government Issued Photo ID for anyone 18 or older living with you
  2. Verification of your hardship. Examples include: photos of damage; police/fire report; hospital discharge papers; doctor’s excuse; eviction notice
  3. Copy of the bill(s) you need help paying, for example: funeral invoice; past due utility bills; tenant ledger showing charge/payment history and current balance; mortgage statement
  4. Verification of your income (paystubs) and/or other sources of support you received (child support, food stamps, Section 8, SSI/SSDI, student aid, etc.)

When you have these items ready, please complete our Grant Application and your Monthly Budget.  (Note: if you receive an error message when you click “Get Started” it means that we have exceeded our daily limit for new applications.  The application will reopen at 6 a.m.)